The layered bob hairstyles are a popular and new version of the traditional bob haircuts. You can find a wide variety of bob cuts based on the facial shape and length of the hair. These layered versions of the bob hairstyle can also be applied to the straight as well as wavy hair. Further, the hairstyle can be sported while working in the office as well as attending a party or social gathering during evenings. But you have to spend some time in selecting the exact hairstyle that highlight the features of your face based on its shape.

The level of versatility and flexibility offered by the layered bob hairstyles make it popular for the hairs with different texture and thickness. If you have thinner hair, you can consider sporting this haircut to look your hair thicker and thicker. At the same time, you can manage and control the hair in a proper manner during travelling and other occasions when you cannot put some additional effort to manage your hair.

If you have a round shaped face, you can always opt for the slightly longer version of the bob hairstyle. On the other hand, if you have a square shaped face, you need to keep the bangs sweeping to the sides with hair of longer length. The square features of your face can be better highlighted through the soft lines rather than a blunt-cut bob with heavy bangs. You can avoid cutting the bangs straight across if you have a heart shaped face and you are opting for the layered bob hairstyles.