Nowadays, short hairstyles are popular because it really gives a pretty and fresh look. Face shape and personality are two important factors while choosing any popular short hairstyles. Whenever you are going for short hairstyle, it is advised to consult with a hair stylist and do proper research regarding the hair style that suits the best.

Some popular short hairstyles for every face shape and hair texture

Pixie short hairstyle

The pixie is a classic and an amazing short haircut, which gives an attractive as well as beautiful look. In this hair style, the hair is cut really short on the sides and back, only a little longer left in the front of the face. You can also add layers in the pixie cut to enhance the hair style. The pixie short hairstyle seems great on woman with thick, wavy hair and square, oval and heart-shaped faces.

Pompadour short hairstyle

It is a brand new short hairstyle for woman. This hairstyle is actually borrowed from men’s hairstyle. It is also known as "faux hawk" or "quiff" hairstyle. In this hair cut, the hair along the sides is shaved fine and some of it is swept upwards, away from the face. This is a bold hairstyle and only a few women can carry it like Miley Cyrus.

Bob hairstyle

The bob is also a short hairstyle but in this style, hair is cut longer in length as compare to pixie and pompadour short hairstyle. Hair touches the jaw line and some going lower grazing the chin.

Short hairstyles